Please be informed that school will reopen for the Academic Year 2022/2023 as follows:


Tuesday & Wednesday 6th & 7th September: Entrance Exams

Thursday 8th September: Forms 4,5 and 6

Monday 12th September: Forms 1,2 and 3

Tuesday 13th September: Class 4 and 5

Wednesday 14th September: Classes 1,2 and 3

Thursday 15th September: KG2 and KG3

Monday 19th September: KG1

Classes will be as follows:

  • Form1-Form 6 From 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
  • Class1- Class 5 From 8.15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Nursery, KG1 and KG2 From 8:15 a.m. to 12.55 p.m.

Every pupil should come along with a face mask and One hand sanitizer for their use.

Please take note of these dates and adhere strictly to them.

NB = Please do not send your child to school if sick or having symptoms of cough, cold or fever.


  • Mr. Samih I. Hashim – Chairman
  • Mr. Faisal Basma – Chairman – Academic Committee
  • Mr. Samir Hassanyeh – Chairman – Financial Committee


  • Mr. Moufid Rashid
  • Mr. Hussein Bazzi
  • Mr. Elie Abdel-Nour
  • Mr. Emad Khoury
  • Mr.Ali Ahmad secretary General


  • Mr. Ali Ahmad
  • Email:

o Code of conduct for students
o Sixth form
o Uniform and Regulations
o Admission
o Registration and Tuition Fees
o Examination and Assessment
o Calendar of Events

1. The school day starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m.

2.  All students must be in school before 8:00 a.m. when the school gate is closed.

3. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. without a valid letter of excuse or medical report will be sent home for the day.

4.  No student will be allowed in school just for a particular subject period, on the pretext that he/she is unwell but has only come to sit for the test.  Attendance is recorded for the whole school day, not per subject nor per period.

5.  All students must come to school with the necessary books and materials for the day (exercise books, text books, test books, log books, geometry sets, pens, pencils etc)

6.  As a school, borrowing is discouraged.  Nevertheless, if a student has to borrow anything whatsoever, this must be done during either of the two breaks provided on the timetable.

7.  All subject tests must be done in the same subject test book.  If a student changes his subject test book after a test, uses the same book for any other purpose, the mark(s) scored will be forfeited.  No test will be administered outside the prescribed test time and work done on paper will not be accepted.

8.  No student can exercise any subject option other than those expressly stipulated in the school time-table.

9. It is hoped that the consequences of scoring a zero for any assignment (test, class work, homework, etc.) as a result of any of the above disciplinary measures would be avoided.

10. It is obligatory that all students wear the school uniform which is a white shirt with navy blue trousers for boys and white shirt and a navy blue skirt for girls and black or brown shoes. Sixth form students wear a light blue shirt.

11. All skirt lengths must be below the knees. All skirts must have a waist band.  No skirt or trousers sewn to be worn at hip level (i.e. as hipsters) will be allowed.  Students with tight skirts, hipster trousers and/or inappropriate dress accessories will be sent home.

12. All male students must come to school clean-shaven. No beards, moustaches or sideburns will be allowed.

13. All students must change into a T-Shirt and sports shoes for P.E. lessons and games.

14. Jewellery, coloured hair, ornaments and outlandish hairstyles are not allowed.

15. Students with tight skirts, hipster trousers and/or inappropriate dress accessories, jewellery, hair styles, braids with extensions, weave-ons, etc. etc. will be sent home.


The normal requirement for entry into a sixth Form ‘A’ Level course is that the aspiring student should have at least five ‘O’ Level passes.  It is also usual that a grade of at least C should have been obtained in the three subjects to be offered at ‘A’ Level.

1. Students are expected to show respect to all employees whatever their capacity.

2. Students should treat each other with consideration and respect.

3. Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during school hours, nor absent themselves from scheduled lessons.

4. The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited within the school precincts.

5. Eating, drinking and chewing gum are not allowed during lessons.

6. Leaving a class or interrupting a class during a lesson is not allowed.

7. Students must not run or shout along the corridors.

8. Unsuitable and undesirable reading materials are not allowed on the campus.

9. A medical report or other valid written excuse must be produced after an
absence before lessons may be resumed.

10. Damage caused to school property must be paid for.

11. Cheating during tests and examinations will be dealt with severely.
12. Students must be aware at all times that this institution is multi-racial, multinational, and multi-religious and that any sensitive subject which has no relation with school matters must not be discussed within the precincts of the school.

13. The school administration reserves the right to impose any necessary punishment as and when the occasion arises.

Students are admitted into the school on completion of the school’s application form:
(i) as transfer students
(ii) on passing the National primary School Examination
(iii) or on passing the school’s pre-entrance examination.

The application form must be accompanied by the student’s last transcript , a photograph and a copy of the passport or birth certificate.

Registration takes place during the first week of September.  Tuition fees are paid twice a year, the first of which is due on registration and the second on or before February 15th .

There are two major examinations and four assessments for the academic year.

1. Mid-Year Examination will be conducted during the last week of January and the first week of February for both the Primary and Secondary Sections.

2. Mock Exams are conducted during the last week of March and the first week of April for L6, U.6 & F5

3. End of Year Examinations will be conducted during the 1st and 2nd weeks of  June for both Primary and Secondary sections

4. Fifth Form Students sit for the London  {Overseas} I.G.C.S.E. ‘O’Level Examinations at the end of a two-year from course in May of their fifth form academic year.

5. Sixth form students: All students will be required to sit for the London {Overseas} G.C.E. ‘AS’  Level Examinations in the May/June  of their Lower Sixth year and the ‘A’Level in the May/June  of their Upper Sixth year.

The following are school holidays, national holiday, feast days and school events.  Dates for their observation will be communicated to parent in due course.

November                              Mid Term Holiday (1st term)

22nd November                    Lebanese Independence Day

December                             Graduation Ceremony

December –  January          Christmas & New Year

January – February              Mid Year Examination

February                                Mid Term Holiday (2nd term)

March                                     Inter House Sports

21st March                             Children’s Day, Mother’s Day & Teacher’s Day

March                                     Mock Exams

April                                        Easter Holidays

27th April                               Sierra Leone Independence Day

May                                         Distribution of School Leaving Certificates

June                                       End of Year Examinations

22nd June                             Distribution of report cards

Notice :* Al-Fitr, Al-Adha and Birth date of prophet Mohamad are moveable.