On this momentous Wednesday, 20 December 2023, our prestigious institution witnessed a true celebration of intellect, empathy, and courage. The carefully staged Christmas Anti-Bullying Essay Competition reached its zenith as the winners were announced, marking a date that will be forever etched in our collective memory. This heartwarming initiative resonates long beyond its inspiring positive change due to our visionary Academic Chairman; Mr. Faisal Basma who always set the stage for a meaningful Christmas by organizing a compelling essay competition focused on THE MEANING AND EFFECTS OF BULLYING OTHERS. in his words on the day “It evident that we are not only providing a platform for creative expression but also contributing to the broader societal conversation on the importance of kindness, understanding, and the eradication of bullying” His bold move not only spread the awareness and spirit of kindness during this festive season but also addresses a crucial issue affecting many lives.
We extend our sincere appreciation to the Chairman of the Board of Governors; Mr. Samih Hashim for gracing the award ceremony of the Christmas Anti- Bullying Essay Competition. Your presence added a significant touch of prestige to the event, highlighting the importance of the topic and recognizing the achievement of our talented students. Your attendance not only motivates our students but also underscores the collaborative spirit that makes our institution a beacon of positive change and a learning environment that values both academic excellence and social responsibility.
In attendance, we acknowledge the hard work, relentless and dedicated efforts of the Principal, Director of Studies and Teaching staff.
Honoring the winners, we applaud the first-place winner YEANI KATTA (who carried Four Thousand New Leones) for her outstanding essay that brilliantly articulated the devastating effects of bullying. Following the second-place winner YAHOOSHU BUDWANI (who carried Three Thousand New Leones) showcased remarkable dedication and skill in addressing the nuances of bullying. Equally, The third- place winners Abigail Sillah and Katunde Christian John (Each received One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty New Leones) also, exhibited commendable effort and creativity conveying the adverse effects of bullying.
We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all students who participated. Each entry of your essay added valuable perspectives and collectively strengthened Mr. Basma’s campaign against bullying. The efforts of this student body reflect a shared commitment to creating a safer, more empathetic school community. Finally, We Wish you all a happy Christmas weaved with a story of gratitude, generosity, togetherness and a new year filled with the promise of endless possibility and unwavering pursuit of excellence.


Bullying is a malicious act that involves. The repeated use of power or aggression to intimidate, harm, or control another individual. It can manifest in various forms, such as physical, verbal or online (cyber) attacks, but their consequences are equally detrimental. The harmful; effects of bullying not only affect the victim but also permeate throughout society.

Firstly, bullying leaves long – lasting emotional scars on its victims. This act of aggression can cause anxiety, depression and low self-esteem, leading to a diminished sense of self – worth and social isolation. Additionally victims often struggle academically due to the psychological distress caused by bullying.

Moreover, the negative impacts of bullying extend beyond the individuals involves, influencing the wider community. Bullying creates an environment of fear and mistrust, hindering social harmony and fostering a culture of aggression. Witnessing or being aware of ongoing bullying can influence by standers to remain silent perpetuating the cycle of harm and normalizing such behavior.

In conclusion, the meaning of bullying lies in its power to inflict deep wounds on victims and perpetuate a toxic environment within society. It is vital that we take collective action to raise awareness, promote empathy and implement preventive measures to combat this pervasive issue effectively.

 Yeani Thomocia Katta