Christmas Competition 2017

The Annual Christmas essay Competition organized by Mr. Faisal Basma, the Academic Board Chairman, usually opens the platform for children from different levels in the school to effectively exhibit their writing skill. For this, several prizes always awaits the lucky winners.

The topic for December, 2017 was “Moral” considering its meaning and its importance in life.  Based on the normal procedures observed by the judges to identify the winners, the names of pupils below were considered victors for writing the best essays:

1st   Melody Duncan ( Le: 3,000,000)

2nd   Issa Yaghi (Le: 2,500,000)

3rd   Ryan  Cahbour  (Le: 1,000,000) and  Mohamed Tormus (Le: 1,000,000)

A consolation prize   Buvaghe Marian Onomake (Le: 500,000).

Christmas Competition- Moral
Morality is understood as the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those distinguished as proper and improper. We each have our morals instilled in us since childhood distinguishing between good and bad.

Good morals establish our character as respectable people. It builds good relationship with those sharing our standards of morality. It eradicates problems such as dishonesty, violence and other immoral traits. Our moral values guide us and define us, making us stand apart in a world where we can easily lose ourselves also assuring accountability to ourselves even though the world is against us.
Moral instill order and protect freedom. It makes us responsible, virtuous, and trustworthy. It provides soil where our children can grow beautifully. It brings unity and acceptance on a society. Where an immoral society is full of people lacking ethics and principles.

None is completely right but doing what we know and feel is right that is for the good of ourselves and others is having morals.  It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.  We are like trees and our morals our roots.  Our moral may let us fall or withstand the storm.