The Lebanese International School

caters for all races and creeds, and has four distinct but interlinked sections:






(High School)

Sixth Form

(Junior College)

Its curriculum is bi-cultural; Arabic and English are the media of instruction right up to the end of primary (Elementary) grades. Arabic Language and Literature are taught according to the Lebanese ministry of education program in the primary and secondary sections.

In the Secondary and post secondary sections we follow the British system of education offering the IGCSE,  ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Levels examinations.

Courses offered include the traditional grammar school type (for college bound students) as well as Liberal Arts , Business and science  courses.  French is taught in the Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form sections.

Apart from structured sessions, students are encouraged to seek out information (Library Studies), develop their physical selves (Games and Sports) and become aware of social conditions in the community (Social Studies and planned visits).

School sessions
The school is registered with the Ministry of Education in Sierra Leone.  It keeps similar but not identical terms and holiday as the national schools.
School starts at 8:00 a.m. for all.  The nursery section closes at 12:45 noon, the Primary, the Secondary and post Secondary at 2:30p.m.

School organisation
The overall administration is the responsibility of the Principal.  A director of Studies takes the responsibility for the academic and social well-being of the students..